Week of 20 March

Hello Cochran’s Ski Racers!

There will be single pole slalom training Tuesday and Thursday this week, 3:30-5:30. You can think of it as spring training camp. The conditions are going to be great!

Next weekend TBD.


Looking back on the weekend, both groups had fun events on the north and south sides of Spruce Peak.

To the north, the U12s and U14s raced two days of duals in the George Tormey Challenge. Cochrans won the 3rd place team award. Go team! Saturday John took 1st and Ada 3rd. Sunday was a great day where Ada, John, and Will each scored some hardware. Ada, Will, and Ari made it into the U12 shootouts in the afternoon. Lots of fast skiing all around. After a few years of skiing firm ice, everyone did a great job skiing western style soft snow and ruts.

To the south, the U10s and a few of our U8s raced in the MMSC Duals on Sunday. Kai skied wicked aggressively and took home a top-10 medal to prove it. Leila had top-10 finishes among the U8s in both runs, too. Sofie, Zoey, and Sebastian qualified for the shootout and represented our club well. Sofie advanced to the round of 8!

Great ski racing, everyone!



Week of 13 March

Plan for the week:

10-12 March

  • Tonight, 10 March, is the last of Friday Night Lights!
    • Dual SL courses will be up from 4-8.
    • Mexican dinner $6 for kids, $12 for adults
  • Saturday, 11 March:
    • GS training, 2 sessions: 9:30-11:30 and 12:30-2:30 or later, depending upon interest.
    • Dress warmly!
  • Sunday, 12 March:
    • Panel SL, morning session: 9:30-12:00.
    • Dress warmly!

Looking Back on Vacation Week

What a great February vacation we had topped off by yesterday’s incredible race on our home hill!

Look back on the weather over the last two weeks. After our brief visit from Old Man Winter in mid-February, we had spring-like weather leading up to vacation week. The record high temperature for the month of February was set on February 23 only to be shattered two days later when the thermometer at BTV read 72°F. I don’t think it was quite that warm while Ebbe and Griffin were training in sunshine that afternoon. (There had been a forecast for rain.)

Ebbe Longstreth angulates around a GS gate in sweatshirt weather with Griffin Veltkamp higher up on the course.

Through the first half of the week it remained much warmer than usual but we still had great training on our hill, even a shortened Wednesday morning session when forecast rain held off again. Then on Thursday the north wind blew and everything froze up. Our planned day of skiing at Middlebury Snow Bowl was a bust because of the chairlifts being on wind hold. But we were back at it on Friday afternoon with cold air and great snow through the weekend. Spring-like conditions returned on Monday and the prospect of hosting upwards of 300 junior racers on Town Meeting Day in a rainstorm seemed daunting, but the hill was in great shape, the T-bar line remained passable, and, once again, the forecast rain held off.

Austen Boulanger pushes out of the starting gate at the Town Meeting Day Slalom. Coach Callie Ewald cheers him on as starter Kurt Schulz gives the “hup.”

So, when we look back on what the weather threw at us, I think our first reaction should be to be grateful for the incredible work of the Cochran’s Ski Area grooming and lifts crew!

Beyond the intense week of training, we had four races in the period with several highlights:

  • The Hillbilly Kids led by Ada Jones (fastest time among girls) and Will Camp (2nd fastest time among boys) captured 6th place in the NVC U12 Team GS at Burke on February 26. Ebbe Longstreth ran in his first VARA race. The racers were proud of their teamwork and the improvement over last year’s ranking!
  • At the NVC U10 GS at Mt. Ellen on March 5, Henry Goldman (20th in the first run, 13th in the second), Sebastian Bronk (19th in both runs), and Zoey Skapof (20th in the second run) all cracked the top 20. It was also Johnathon Kogut’s first VARA race.
  • At the side-by-side Town Meeting Day races on our home hill …
    • First, wasn’t it incredible to see the range of ages and abilities all having fun together?!
    • Racing at Cochran’s couldn’t happen without parents and other volunteers, so thanks to those who helped!
    • Some of our 6-year-olds skied in their first VARA race including Austen Boulanger, Charles Dimitroff, Truman Durant, Sadie Dyhrman, Phoebe Omland, and Silas Skogland. It was also the first VARA race for Alex Crafts.
    • In the U8s results, Sadie (4th in the first run and 5th in the second), Phoebe (6th and 8th), and Leila Macias Aunave (10th and 9th) each earned two medals!
    • In the U10s results, Sebastian Bronk also cracked the top 10 (9th in the first run).
    • For the U12s class of the Kearns Memorial Slalom, John Kerbaugh stood atop the podium winning both runs and Ada Jones took 2nd in both runs and overall. Dani Bronk was 5th overall including 3rd in the second run. And Kyan Chipman also cracked the top 10 both runs.

Congratulations to those mentioned and all our other racers who worked hard and raced well over the last two weeks!

Vacation Week, 27 Feb. – 7 Mar.

Here is our plan for the week, subject to change:

  • Monday 2/27: 9:30am-11:30am & 12:00pm-2:00pm: regular GS
  • Tuesday 2/28: 9:30am-11:30am & 12:00pm-2:00pm:
    • tight GS (intended to help U10 racers prepare for both upcoming races)
    • single pole slalom (intended to help U12 racers prepare for next Tuesday)
  • Wednesday 3/1: 9:00am-12:00pm: Panel Slalom (single pole option for U12s, too)
  • Thursday 3/2: 9:00am-3:00pm
    • Group free-skiing with coaches, siblings, and parents at Middlebury Snow Bowl
    • Racers 8 or older who can ride a chairlift alone may go with another family,
      younger racers or skiers who have not ridden a chairlift alone should be accompanied by a parent
    • We will free-ski, explore, and take some runs working on GS technique
    • Tickets will be $30 for racers and $35 for parents
    • Transportation will be by carpooling – coaches will help to facilitate.
      Meet at Middlebury Snow Bowl base lodge at 8:45am.
  • Friday 3/3:
    • 2:00-4:00pm: single pole slalom
    • 4:00-8:00pm: Friday Night Lights: duals & dinner!
  • Saturday 3/4:
    • 1:00-4:00: both single pole slalom (U12) and GS (U10/U8)
  • Sunday 3/5
  • Monday 3/6: tentatively, a day off for racers and lift operators
  • Tuesday 3/7

Photos from 19 Feb. Intraclub Race

Did you all notice Kurt Schulz, Kai’s (and Remy’s) father, snapping pictures at the race on Sunday? He uploaded many of them to a Google Photos page:

Cochrans U8/U10 2016-2017

Let us know if you have any difficulty getting to that page – you shouldn’t need a Google account to be able to use it. You are welcome to download the files that are there and, if you want a higher resolution photo, jot down the file name and ask Kurt.

You also ought to be able to upload your own photos of our group that you want to share.

Here’s just a teaser …